Time flies. Remember to
catch up!

Because strong and healthy relationships need regular connection.go-catchup is your personal CRM build for Google Workspace™.

Effective Reminders

go-catchup effectively nudges you to catch up. Reminders are shown in Google Tasks™ and Calendar™ - on desktop and mobile devices.

Smart Catch Up Intervals

go-catchup automatically sets suitable catch up intervals based on previous interactions or let's you choose catch up intervals manually.

Relevant Contact Suggestions

go-catchup takes your contacts and calendar entries and suggests relevant catch up contacts based on previous interactions.

"Unbelievably useful add-on to keep in touch with your most important contacts!"
- Viktor Lesyk

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How to get started with go-catchup?✅ Install Google Tasks™ on your mobile (iOS, Android)✅ Install the go-catchup add-on (also see below)✅ Go to Google Calendar™ on your computer, start go-catchup from the right side panel (reload page if not shown) and run through the quick setup process✅ Automatically get reminded to catch up via Google Tasks™

How do I install the go-catchup add-on?To install the add-on, go here and click install.

On what devices can I use go-catchup?go-catchup reminds you via the Google Tasks™ app. Thus, go-catchup can remind you to catch up via any device that has access to Google Tasks™ (Browser, iOS, Android).To configure go-catchup, you need to use your computer. Go to your browser and open Google Calendar™ or Gmail™ and open the add-on from the right side-panel.

Does go-catchup work with Android™ or iPhone™?Yes, of course!Install Google Tasks™ on your phone (iOS, Android).After configuring the add-on on your computer (see above), go to the Google Tasks™ app and look for the go-catchup task list. You will see all your pending catch up tasks.Pro Tip: Create a Google Task™ widget on your home screen showing the go-catchup task list.

How to I access all my contacts?The add-on relies on access to your Google Contacts™.Make sure you use Google Workspace™ as your main contact and calendar tool. Also make sure you sync your mobile device contacts with Google.If you are an iOS user, you should make sure your standard account for Contacts is set to Gmail (not iCloud). You might also have to export existing contacts from iCloud as vCards and import them into Google Contacts.Importing your linkedIn™ and Facebook™ contacts into Google Contacts might improve your results. Search google for help on the topic. Also this article on hubspot™ might be helpful to import linkedIn™ contacts. No guaranties though!

How do I edit my reminders?You have multiple options to edit your reminders:- Smart Contacts: Relevant contacts can be added automatically to your catch up contact list. Relevance will be determined based on your previous interactions with the contact in your calendar. To turn this on go to the add-on settings and switch on Smart Contacts.- Edit Reminders: Open the add-on and click on Edit Reminders. Search for a contact and tap the switch to "on". This will automatically suggest a suitable interval based on previous interactions. Alternatively click on the contact and manually change the catch up interval to a desired frequency.- Google Contacts™ Label: To efficiently add/remove a big number of contacts, open Google Contacts™, select the relevant contacts and apply/remove the "go-catchup" label. You can do this from your Google Contacts™ application on your Android™ phone as well. Wait for the add-on to sync the changes in the background (could be up to 2 hours).

What happens to contacts with turned on reminders?It depends on whether you are relying on an automatic interval (smart contacts or just turning contact switch to on) or set a manual reminder interval (within specific contact).Automatic Interval: Depending on your previous catch up history with the individual you will get reminded to catch up. The minimum is once a year. The maximum is once a week.Manual Interval: You will be reminded according to the interval you set.

How do smart intervals work?go-catchup looks for calendar entries that match your catch up contact email, full name and/or given name.It uses those matches to calculate a relevant time interval automatically for each contact.

How will I receive Catch Up Reminders?When catch up reminders are triggered, they will appear in three places:- Google Tasks™: Task entry on go-catchup task list- Google Calendar™: Task entry for today- go-catchup add-on: web onlyAfter reaching out, just tick off the task / mark as completed.

What (else) can I do with Catch Up Reminders?When a catch up reminder is delivered via tasks, simply ticking it off lets go-catchup know that you caught up this interval. This means that go-catchup will not suggest the contact for another catch up in this interval.In addition to "simply ticking it off", you can do more:- Mark Completed: Ticking it off, already covered above ;-)
- Snooze: Move task to later date and get reminded that day
- Delete: Delete task and get reminded again shortly
- Add: Create new task for top of mind contact name
You can also add a catch up event to your calendar. If you add the contact name in the summary or share the event via email, go-catchup will mark the corresponding task as completed and consider it when triggering your next reminder (i.e. no more reminders if you already caught up in interval).

What are Google Workspace Add-ons anyways?Google Workspace™ Add-ons are your favorite third-party applications, inside Google Workspace™ in your Webbrowser e.g. Gmail™, Google Calendar™.You can browse and install add-ons via the Google Workspace Marketplace™, which is accessible from the web or via the specific Google Workspace™ application from its sidebar on the right.Read all about it from Google™.

Any question that we didn't cover?Feel free to reach out via support. We will be there for you.

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